The ‘Train Pro Football’ package gives individuals the opportunity to get organised bespoke training sessions as used by professional clubs across the UK. The package utilizes the latest football training methods, equipment and conditioning aids as tested from renowned international clubs and coaches in order to maximize your potential in the sport. #

If you have desires to be a professional footballer or semi-professional footballer, are a newcomer to the game, someone who wants to improve or someone who wants to get fit in a new or exciting way, this ‘Train Pro Football’ package will help give you the unique opportunity to receive personalized and dedicated guidance in a 1 to 1 environment.

The football-specific personal training sessions are designed to focus on the areas that individuals need to succeed in the modern game. This conditioning can focus on technical development, ball mastery, or the development of high-level fitness parameters, including strength, speed and power. By following such programmes, each person is giving themselves every chance to reach their full potential.

Having had vast experience at many pro clubs, being a former semi-professional footballer and now a current Island player for Jersey, I have designed this package with the end aims of getting clients to reach their full potential, and even the chance for a trial to achieve their dreams. Living in Jersey extremely restricts your chances of being scouted or given any opportunities in the professional game.

Therefore, individuals will learn the secrets of what football academies look for in young players, understand the daily training regime a footballer needs to follow to succeed, as well as creating the right mindset of what to expect as a professional footballer. For more information on my football career profile please click here.

Each package includes:

2 x Performance Fitness Assessments and Movement Screen

28 x Personal Training Sessions (Ideally 3-5 sessions weekly)

Valid for 12 weeks

Sessions at the gym, local sports fields andB indoors for the winter

Development of strength, speed, power, agility, endurance and coordination. 

Performance assessments and match analysis

Use of different training techniques – sprint work, free weights, plyometrics, core stability and dynamic flexibility routines

Programs using periodisation, meaning exercises are tailored too each particular phase of training

Active recovery and regeneration advice

High-quality nutritional diet plan to ensure you get maximal gains from the training you perform. B

One-off payment of £1050 (only B#35 per session!)

The time frame to complete the ‘Train Pro Football’ package will vary dependant upon the overall goals of each individual. For example, some people should have intense, high volume training (5 sessions per week) that is similarly experienced at professional clubs. Alternatively, sessions can be planned on a weekly basis (1 session per week) alongside allocated home and club training. All plans will therefore be structured and tailored to suit each individuals aims.

I also aim to develop and train any individuals who have any other desired goals using football specific drills, ranging from children, amateurs and for those that just want to keep fit. All programs are fun, disciplined, professional, scientific, versatile, and most of all, structured. Every phase of training will lead onto the next to ensure you are constantly progressing your conditioning levels to a high standard.