Are you tired of not liking what you see in the mirror? Are you sick of finding that the dress or suit you wore last year no longer fits? If fat burning is your number one aim then the ‘Fat Attack’ is for you!

Unlike other fat loss plans out there, the ‘Fat Attack’ focuses on losing fat only – not muscle. There is no countless hours of cardiovascular training. Instead the focus is on lifting weights, developing your core, utilizing intervals, circuit training and cleaning up your nutrition.

The ‘Fat Attack‘ plan is for those who need to shred fat the healthy way. Using this truly holistic approach it will identify any roadblocks that are currently holding you back from losing that fat. These tried and tested functional fitness methods are at a whole new level and it is not uncommon to have clients lose several percentage points of body fat within two weeks and quarter their body fat in a 8 week period, whilst putting on lean muscle at the same time.

With over 10 years of training and developing unique workouts for clients, I have created the perfect program that’s going to take your training to a whole new level!




This plan trains your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.

By using multi-planar, multi-joint movements it places a much higher metabolic demand on the upper body, lower body and core musculature.

This means increased calorie expenditure as well as greater progress towards a leaner physique.


Your workouts are varied to ensure the body keeps adapting to a different stimulus to avoid any training plateau.

Exercises such as squatting, pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting, swimming, running, and so on, are all integrated into your diverse training plan.

Because of this the program is fun, you learn new skills, and helps avoid any mental stagnation.


By training with intensity we will be developing your work capacity and building your cardio.

Not only will you be able to sprint to stop your child running off but also have the endurance to hike up a mountain!

To create an all round balanced individual we want to train all types of energy systems so that you are well conditioned for any scenario that life may throw at you.


This plan balances aesthetics and function, emphasizing quality of movement and connection with your body.

By training the right methods, boosting muscle strength and endurance, while consistently utilising core-based movements, your body will naturally adapt to create a leaner physique that is ready for anything.

Look Good. Feel Good.


> 8 Weeks of 3 x PT sessions Fat Loss schedule

> Whole-body strength work to develop functional lean muscle

> Fat-torching circuits to build cardiovascular fitness & muscle endurance

> Extra high-intensity calorie burners to make you sweat & shred extra calories

> Dumbbell/Kettlebell movements to improve structural imbalances

> Gymnastic core training to build relative strength, coordination & stabilit

> Warm up & mobility routines to improve range of motion and keep injury-free​

> Initial & Final body stat and fitness assessments to keep you on track

> Progress photos taken at start and end of the plan so you can visualize your results




What Do I Get?

You will meet on-site with your coach 3 x weekly during the 8 weeks to undergo training. On the app you can view the results from your training and receive feedback from your coach after each session. These will help develop your skills, teach technique on exercises and making sure you stay on track. As part of your session plan you will also undergo Nutrition & Lifestyle consulting to ensure this is in correct alignment with your training goals .

Who Is This For?

You do not need any experience in the gym as you will have an on-site coach to teach and guide you through your workouts. It is for those who are serious and committed to making progress. You are ready to invest more time and effort into training. You will train 3 days a week at set times/days that are pre-agreed. Each session is 45 minutes of work towards a better you. This is a great way to take your body to the next level.

What Equipment Will I Need?

You will have full access to equipment and facilities at Jersey CrossFit Gym as part of your plan. There is no additional membership fees.

What If I Can Not Do An Exercise?

The coach will undertake body stats & physical assessment upon your first week of training. The results of this will help the trainer see what modifications are needed on exercises and adjust accordingly throughout your 8 week plan.

I Only Have A Little Experience In The Gym…Is This Plan Right For Me?

Because you will be working on-site with a trainer to teach & guide you through your 8 week plan then no experience is needed to take part. You will learn and develop your skills & technique throughout the plan.

How Do I Warm Up and Mobilise?

We encourage individuals to come warmed up and prepared to start the session in order to maximize your training time. However, if this not possible we will always perform a 10 minute warm up incorporating dynamic movements and mobility exercises so you are prepared for the session. We will then direct you on how to implement post-workout mobility into your lifestyle outside the sessions.

Where Do I Go For Questions?

You will have 24/7 access through the app and personal mobile phone during the 8 weeks for you to feedback anything you like to your private coach.

What If I Miss A Workout?

If you miss a workout after providing 24 hours notice we will reschedule your session at next available opportunity to ensure you stay on track. If it is missed without giving over 24 hours notice then the session will be non-refundable.

Do I Need To Sign A Contract To Take Part?

No. The 8 Week Plan is paid as 3 Monthly Installments of £299. When you initially sign up the first payment will be taken, with the second payment taken after 4 weeks, and the third payment taken after 8 weeks from the sign-up date. Due to the nature of the product there are NO REFUNDS!

What About Nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle?

As well as being sent various nutrition, mindset & lifestyle guidelines to support your training, we will also undergo Nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle consults as part of your sessions to see which strategy works best for you. Within this will be a breakdown of your calorie requirements in order to achieve the goals set out by the plan. We educate you on the basics so you can think about this logically, after all you are your body, you know it more than anyone. This is what we are all about, putting the onus on you to be at the forefront of your health & fitness so you can be in control of living a long and healthy life!

How Can I Contact You If I Have A Question?

You can email at joe@fitlife.je and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.





Free Trial

Free Trial






3 x 45 Minute On-Site Sessions Per Week  (£41.50 per session)

Body Stats, Progress Photos & Fitness Assessment

For Individuals From Beginner To Advanced

On-Site Workouts With Full Access To Gym Equipment

Targeted Towards Stripping Fat & Creating A Lean Toned Physique

State of the art technology used to track and monitor your results

Lifestyle, Mindset & Nutrition In-Person Consulting

On-Site Accountability

In-Person Analysis & Feedback