FitLife was founded by Joe Murphy to help individuals from diverse fitness backgrounds fall in love with their training. Whether you get an online group training plan, an individually tailored program, or on-site personal training with one of our coaches, we are here to support you through your daily routine to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Always ready to motivate and offer advice, our team will work alongside you on your fitness program via a state of the art online technology platform. This is mixed with a focus on education and improvement of the person as a whole to ensure they develop the habits and live the lifestyle to support the training. Our FitLife coaches hold various qualifications in weightlifting, strength & conditioning, functional fitness, personal training, nutrition and lifestyle. It is this combined approach to training that sets us apart.

Joe Murphy – Owner & Head Coach

Joe is the Owner / Head Coach of FitLife. Originally starting his coaching career in UK, Joe now coaches from Jersey as Director of Jersey CrossFit Gym. Joe has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has studied under some of Europe’s leading Coaches and Therapists. He has 10 years of hands-on experience along with a complete passion for empowering people to take control of their health & fitness. Joe believes that physical fitness is a state of mind, and so encourages a holistic approach to training knowing the mental & emotional factors that contribute. Finding nutrition strategies, lifestyle balance and happiness is key, and is a resounding message in Joe’s coaching style along with an emphasis on actually enjoying the journey from the beginning. As an athlete, Joe competed in Football for 15 years in UK & representing Jersey. He now competes in various CrossFit competitions around Europe. Joe has a wealth of experience in fitness and lifestyle. This includes:

Post-Graduate Degree in Physical Education & Sports Studies
BA Degree in Criminology & Social Work (1st)
ASCC accreditation as a UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
OPEX Complete Coach L1
CrossFit Certfied Trainer L2
British Weightlifting Coach L2
CrossFit Movement & Mobilty Coach
CrossFit Weightlifting Coach
CrossFit Endurance Coach
Advanced Personal Trainer L3
Nutritional Advice For Weight Management L3
As well as various other fitness & sport qualifications.

James Loughray – Mindset Coach

James has a goal to educate, influence and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. He believes that you have all the answers already, you just need to know how to find them and bring them into your reality. You’re perfectly capable to do so. You just need some direction and that is what he is here for. James does what he does so he can educate, influence and inspire those around him to see what their bodies and, more importantly their minds, are capable of. James thrives off energy and an environment in which people connect and learn. He aims to bring an approach that focuses on the importance of how you feel rather than how you look. James believes if you knew what your bodies and minds were capable of when they work together, you would realise the potential you have for success. James is here to try and help you bridge the gap!




Learn how to make the most out of your training with our proven programming framework, session notes and movement options. We focus on education and improvement of the person as a whole, providing mindset, nutrition & lifestyle resources to help empower people to take control of their health & fitness.


Choose a plan specific to your goals and get started! Use our varied, fun and challenging follow along movement sessions to improve your mobility, increase your fitness and learn new skills.  Our aim is to keep your body healthy and whole.


One of the hardest obstacles to optimising health and fitness is figuring out the best nutrition strategy to follow. We provide nutrition resources and tips specific to your plan to ensure the essentials are being stuck too.


We are all about putting the onus onto you to be at the forefront of your health & fitness. Our approach gives you a day-by-day action plan to follow, uses training methods that are functional to everyday living, and provides a coaching team to help deal with any lifestyle problems you encounter along the way.