Training Mask – First Review

First review Training Mask…if ever a time it is now!

Did various intervals using a rower with easy, moderate, fast and sprint. On first round through felt a bit claustrophobic but this forced me to really focus on controlling my breathing on the easy periods and not freaking out. Only lost about couple of secs on my expected times.

Heart rate was quite similar to normal. The main notable difference was the extra work the diaphragm and intercostal muscles were having to do.

The way I see this tool on first glance is not to mimic altitude but purely resistance work for breathing muscles. Such a stimulus you would think should invoke similar adaptations like any other muscle when overloading via resistance training methods.

The other benefit was psychological, the way I felt with this on is very similar to high intensity workouts when they start to become too anaerobic, so think this can definitely help with that ‘mind over matter’ in regulating breathing again and learning to be comfortable while uncomfortable.

Looking at it I would only use this tool sparingly for a different stimulus, just as I would use weight vests, backpacks, etc, which can provide various benefits, but too much of these methods will come at a cost to other attributes of fitness.

Plan to use this for running, ski and bike to see if any notable difference to the above.